In Switzerland, the Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities of Teacher Education, together with the other universities, have set themselves the firm goal of achieving Open Access. According to the National Open Access Strategy, all publicly funded publications should be freely accessible by 2024.

Open Access is particularly relevant for the applied sciences and for teacher education because of their practical oriented focus. However the publication culture differs between education and applied sciences on the one hand ,and that at other universities on the other. Smaller publishers and local journals (e.g. in German) play a much bigger role in comparison to international journals.

This is where the project „OA-EASI Open Access for Educational and Applied Sciences“, funded by swissuniversities, comes in. It aims to promote open access in exactly these publications, which are so important in education and applied sciences, working in cooperation with publishers and editors.

This website acts as a forum for the network that arose out of the project, of open access coordinators at Universities of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education from all over Switzerland, and will support its continuation after the end of the project.